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Pirates of Horsepower

One of my favorite writers is Andy at Pirates of Horsepower. Looks like he's taking a shot at the 2004 Jegs Engine Master Challenge.

His blurb on the poprod site:

Upland, CA * FORD

Andy Dunn is a self-admitted "computer geek builder" and will develop his engine design in software prior to assembly and testing. He's also an avid Cobra enthusiast and has been toying with pump gas power for his street car.

He's got pals with PhDs and sold his Cobra recently, so with a pocket full of change and a computer full of numbers, Andy's going after the Engine Masters crown and he's banking on the capabilities of the Ford Windsor to get it done. He'll push displacement to 408 cubes via a SCAT stroker, and top it with AFR heads.

He's also got plenty to say. We appreciate those who share ideas openly, and Andy has no problem chatting it up.

"I believe my engine will finish at least in the top five, and has an excellent chance of winning. I expect to bring a near-1,100-point engine to the Challenge. The Jeg's Engine Masters Challenge is one of the only pure "engineering" contests. It removes the driver from the equation. Past contestants have been engine builders, dyno operators, engineers and computer guys. I am the latter." We'll keep an eye on Dunn's entry, and see how real horsepower compares to his virtual simulation. We're used to the computer programs we use being about 95 percent accurate, and where that is normally fine for a magazine story, it's too much variance for something as tight as the Challenge competition. Or, is it? We'll see for sure during dyno week

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